Thursday, August 27, 2015


What are the things that could make you smile? A nice song? A simple hello from a stranger? A friendly pat from a dear friend? A romantic movie? A surprise phone call from a long lost love? A hug from your child? Or a kiss from your loved one? 


It sounds like a simple and innocent thing to do. But it’s not. Not if it’s a sincere one. The one that comes from the heart. The kind that comes unexpectedly and you do it unconsciously. A smile that you couldn’t stop doing even if you wanted to. A smile that is so wide it seems like there’s a beam of light coming out and blinding others' eyes. 


Take a deep breath and just do it. Your head feels lighter and your body shivers from joy. Close your eyes. Can you see those happy memories? These lovely moments you are having? And those that you will share? Can you see the one you love? Holding your hands, stroking your hair, kissing your lips? 

Can you see those moments?
Can you see them? 
Can you see......................


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