Saturday, November 07, 2015

Dear Kukka: November 6th

It was the day when my Precious Godsend asked me about period. Yeah... THAT period. Period/Menstruation. It was because she saw a pack of sanitary pad on my bed. Geez... I really didn’t expect to have this talk THIS soon :)) But I’ve managed to keep my cool and tried to explain it as simple as possible. 

How simple? Well... As simple as telling her that when a girl turns into a teenager, she will experience this “thing” called Menstruation. It’s when every once in a month blood will come out of her vagina. :))) Kukka’s face immediately turned... Like... #unexplainable

Eeeeeeeeew!!!! I don’t want to have blood in my vagina!!! That’s so gross!!!!”  

Kukka screamed while holding hers :))))))

And I was laughing so hard and confused at the same time. I really didn’t know how to explain this phase correctly. So after both of us calmed down, cuddling comfortably together on the bed, I asked Kukka to give me some time. I told her that I needed time to think because this is not an easy thing for me to explain. I told Kukka that I would get back to her as soon as possible when I found out the correct and simple way to explain to her about menstruation. She said okay. Lucky me to have such an understanding daughter. :)

NOW!!!! Let’s Google: 


Aaaaaaand.... WISH ME LUCK!!!! :))))

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