Sunday, November 08, 2015

Daddy’s Girl

I probably already said it but who cares! I’m gonna say it again!!!!


And today I just prove that (once again) I’m right! So this morning Hubster, Kukka and I went for a stroll. Hubster bought Kukka a new bike, which she picked out by herself so she would be more determined to learn how to ride a bike. 

So this morning the three of us woke up earlier than we used to, Hubs got into his running outfit, me in my...strolling clothes and Kukka with her new bike. Since it was a nice weather, we decided to go out from the cluster. It was a very nice Sunday morning. A lot of people were jogging, strolling and biking. Young, old, couples, singles, kids. We were having fun but then the drama happened. 

Long story short, Kukka didn’t want to ride on her new bike anymore because she kept falling to the side. After only a couple of tries she already gave up! And it’s not even the 2-wheels one yet!!!! It happened because she was leaning either too much to the left or to the right while she was riding. And for some reason sometimes she stopped pedaling which made the bike.... Well... Stopped. I think Kukka was expecting the bike to keep on moving forward by itself or something. Hubster and I told her to keep on trying and trying and that we would be there to help her. We also tried to make the learning process fun by saying and doing sily things. But Kukka wasn’t eager enough to learn and to make it even worse, tears started to run down from her eyes. Which totally ruined the mood and the moment. 

Hubster snapped. He said something like “Kukka selalu gitu! Nggak bisa dikit, nangis. Kalo kaya gitu terus, kapan mau bisanya?!” And then he got up, carried the bike and walked back home, leaving Kukka and me behind. I knew that Hubster was as disappointed as I was. Not to mention very tired too! I totally agreed with him. This kind of attitude is one of Kukka's bad traits. She quits easily. Sometimes I think it’s because Kukka knows that somebody will always fall for her sad face and ends up helping her. But this time I was surprised. Her dad WAS really upset. I forgot how long it was but I was impressed. Hubster actually managed to be (or at least to look) angry and ignored his precious daughter for a couple of hours!! :))) Eventhough she cried under the pillows and slowly approaching him by asking questions about the game he was playing. When they finally making skin contact (Kukka leaning on Bapa’s body, watching and commenting about the game), I was giving Hubster signs. Yes! I gave him signs NOT TO GIVE UP TOO EASILY to his little girl’s approach!!!! I could totally see it in his eyes that he was about to give up to that cute face. Not to mention the super sweet little voice. The way she says “Bapa...” Well... Yeah... Just like that, after making new promises and deals, Kukka ended up sitting on her beloved Bapa’s lap, sharing hugs and kisses. Totally predictable :))) #Buburollingeyes #Bubuyawning #Meh

Hours later Hubster came to me and made a confession. Yes, he was actually wondering whether he was being too hard on Kukka. He was thinking something like: 

“Apa aku terlalu keras ya... Sebenernya kan dia cuma mau having fun...”  

Dads and daughters. 
SiBapa and SiBuhat. 

#MAJORMEH :))))))


Tita Carles said...

Hahahahhaa.. I know this! Exactly like hubby to his daughter. Itu mending Bapa bisa tahan hours, Ethan mah 5 menit udah cium2an lagi sama anaknya.. Payaaaaaah, she's indeed a spoiled brat because her dad!!

Farika said...

Pffffttt! Seriously. Dads with daughters are so weak. -_-