Sunday, January 03, 2016


Write often. 
Make it happen. 
Be brave. Speak up. 
Judge less, help more. 
Spend time with Kukka. 
Shit happens. So what!??! 
Accept my flaws. And others. 
Listen to my body, soul and heart. 
Meet my friends in real life more often. 
Make lots of phone calls. Use less chat apps. 
Embrace my old self. Yes. The fun part that is. 
Do whatever makes me happy. Yup! WHATEVER. 
Do crazy things sometimes, or often, IS necessary. 
If shit happens, sit back and relax. Let life do its magic. 
Make new friends, stay in contact with old ones and maintain. 
Haters can kiss my ass. Lovers do come, let’s smooch and hug. 
Never lie to my daughter. Teach her to accept the truth instead. 
Read, remember, read again, recall and actually do all the #frikis2016

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