Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dear Kukka: Happy 9th Birthday!

No way! There’s no way you’re 9 years old now!!!! MY BABY???? MY PRECIOUS GODSEND???? 9 YEARS OLD??????? Where did all those baby years go????

Good God… No wonder you’ve changed so much! The way you talk, the gestures you do, the comments you make, the questions you ask! So not….baby-like anymore!!! I’m so saaaaaaaaaad! Yet also very excited at the same time :)) I know, I know. It doesn’t make any sense. Just wait and see until you have your own daughter someday. Then you’ll understand. 

This year we celebrated your birthday in Hard Rock Bali again. I think it was your choice? You were very happy, obviously. The fact that we spent the nights in a hotel and you spent the days on the beach until your skin got all wrinkley, that was your idea to have a perfect birthday. But I wonder why you looked kind of embarrased when the Hard Rock Hotel guys brought you a cake and sang to you Happy Birthday… Because you’re not a little girl anymore? :)

But you did have a great birthday, right? Like I wrote on my instagram on your birthday: 

A beautiful soul was born today. 
9 years ago to be exact. 
She changes my life in ways I could never imagine. 
She’s my godsend, my guardian angel. 
My daughter, the love of my life. 
Meine Liebe. Mein Ein und Alles.

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