Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Eid Is Coming

It's the time when families and friends get together to ask and give each other forgiveness. It's the time when families and friends enjoying delicious food and naturally each other's company. It's the time when families and friends share funny stories and making new beautiful memories. It's the time to be grateful and happy. Together.

So be nice and stop saying or asking dumb and useless things such as:

1. Kapan nikah? (When are you gonna get married?/Still single?)
2. Jangan terlalu gemuk. (Wow you're fat!)
3. Kok kurus?!? (Why are you so skinny!?)
4. Kemana aja nih? (Where have you been?)
5. Belum isi nih? Keburu tua lho! (You're not pregnant yet? You'll be too old!)
6. Ngga mau nambah lagi? (Don't you want another child?)

And this list can go on and on and on until the end of the world. Feel free to post it on the comment section if you come up with another one. And these are ONLY the things that come out of the mouth. Imagine what's inside the heart??? 

"Wow he's ugly now... Good thing I didn't marry him." 
"Is she getting lips botox injection and facelift?"
"How can he afford that expensive car?"
"That Rolex watch... Is it real?"
"So she got divorced.. She must be cheating on her husband."
"Is he wearing the same baju koko from yesterday's iftar?"
"No hijab? She's definitely not praying hard enough. That's why no enlightenment for her."


Now my question is: WHY??????????????? If you can't or don't know what to say to the person in front of you, just smile, be nice and MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS!!! Don't make small talks which can lead to anger or even worse, heartbreak and silent tears.

She might still be single because it's her choice and she's happy with it. He might be fat because of some illness he suffering and he's been working his butt off to lose it. She is skinny maybe because it's just the way she is. He might not come to 1001 bukbers (buka bersama) because he's been busy making a living until midnights. She might not be pregnant because she can't and she's trying very hard to accept it. She might not want to have another child because she and her husband only want one or cannot afford it. He might stay inside the house all the time because he's trying to be his own boss and making a home business. The point is you don't know what other people is dealing with and again, it's none of your business.

Lately I consider some gatherings like bukber or in this case Eid as events where people sadly judge each other's condition badly, openly or not, blood-related or not. I'm not a saint. That's obvious. I've made a lot of mistakes. Since I don't live in the jungle and obviously need other people, all I can do now is choosing the kind of gathering which I consider as meaningful and...harmless :)) Like enjoying a cup of coffee or two with friends who we can pour each other's heart out with. Or accepting a friend's invitation just to maintain a good relationship. One thing is definite: if you do want to spend Eid, enjoy the blissful day with the ones you love. So stay healthy, enjoy the rest of this fasting month and remember to finish all the must-dos. 

Because yeah... 

Sunday, May 05, 2019


If you have Netflix, start watching AfterLife. I did. Twice. The whole season. Obviously not in one day but yeah... I've watched it twice and it still makes me laugh outloud, shed tears and smile. It's Ricky Gervais who is starring. He's also the one who wrote the thing. I know Ricky Gervais from Hubster. I think. And as far as I can remember he's always been funny. Now about this serial... AfterLife is about a man named Tony (Ricky Gervais) who loves his wife very very much. The sad thing is his wife died because she was very sick. Well just googled it by yourself to save me some time to type. Here's a little bit I copy-pasted: 

"Tony had a perfect life -- until his wife Lisa died. After that tragic event, the formerly nice guy changed. After contemplating taking his life, Tony decides he would rather live long enough to punish the world by saying and doing whatever he likes. He thinks of it as a superpower -- not caring about himself or anybody else -- but it ends up being trickier than he envisioned when his friends and family try to save the nice guy that they used to know." 

Anyways the second time I watched AfterLife I just realized more how...real this show is. The things being said and done... Not only by Tony, the character Gervais is playing, but also by the rest of them. There's this woman who comes to the graveyard everyday. She sits on bench right in front of her husband's grave, which (conveniently) is next to Tony's wife, Lisa, grave. She told Tony that she and her husband was married for 48 years and he never disagreed with her. Tony replied "I didn't get that long." ............. Then THIS: "I'd rather be nowhere with her than somewhere without her." HWAAAAA HIKKKKSSS! :((( There's also Sandy, a new journalist who works under Tony's supervision. Her line which is my favorite is "Just be happy.". You have to watch this part... It's how Sandy said it and the way she looked at Tony which makes this scene is so heartbreaking. 

Now... What makes AfterLife worthwatching is also because it's hilarious :))) So yeah... There's also so many quotes that makes my laugh so hard. For example when Tony is threatening a boy with a hammer because the boy keeps bullying his nephew! He also said to the boy "tubby little ginger cunt." :))) Tony's father who has dementia is also hilarious. Probably the best scene is when Tony said "I love you Dad." and the dad replied "Gay." :))))))

Ow well... I don't want to spoil too much. Just watch it!!! IT'S FUNNY!!!! And for starters I give you this: