Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farewell, AA-56

Never thought it would really come to this. The day when we have to say goodbye to our home of 2 years & 8 months. Forgive me for being too melancholy.

But this was our first house where we spent the days as husband & wife. Where I learned to manage a household, complete with a maid & a driver. Believe me, it ain’t easy!! :p

It was also in this house when we were struggling to have a baby. And it was on this 2nd floor where I’ve spent the first 3 months of my long-awaited pregnancy with Kukka. Oh I could still remember how I’ve dreaded those stairs :)

This is the house where Kukka had spent her first years, tasted her first food, learned her first steps & words, & most importantly, here she met her first dear friends.

And in this house is where I’m learning to be a mother.

AA-56, you have witnessed a lot of our tears, joy, laughter & most of all, love. Thank you for being our home.

We will be seeing you :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Reunion Diet

Facebook brings reunion back in style. Foto-foto pas reunian bertebaran di home FB. Ada yang reuni TK, ada juga yang reuni geng maen dulu. Reunion is the new black. Beberapa hari yang lalu seorang temen nanya, udah pernah ikut reuni-reunian belom. Aku bilang insya Allah baru bulan depan nanti ada reuni SMP. Terus dia nanya lagi “Persiapan elo apa aja?”

He??? Persiapan apa ya? Baju? Well I got plenty of nice clothes. Kayanya ngga perlu beli baju baru deh! :p Maybe I should get my hair done, since modelnya udah ngacir-ngacir kaya pantat bebek. Kalopun perlu siap-siap, harusnya aku ngintip profile temen-temen SMP & mulai menghafal muka & nama coz I’m sooo bad with faces & names. Tapi terus tiba-tiba dia nanya lagi “Elo udah mulai diet?”

What the..!?!?

“Bo! Kalo reuni kan bakal ketemu sama mantan-mantan pacar, fans & rival! Elo harus senantiasa tampil sexy & desirable seperti dulu dong! Let them know what they’ve been missing. Belom lagi kalo di sana banyak calon yang ‘potensial’!! Jadi diet & baju yang sip mah kudu tuh!”


So, inikah trend diet terbaru?? Another reason for you to go on a diet? Jangan-jangan bentar lagi bakal ada iklan tempat/cara diet terbaru dengan headline picisan “Reuni sudah dekat? Tak perlu lagi diet ketat!”

Kalo emang karena pengen tampil sehat & oke sih ya sah-sah aja ya.. Dan males juga kali denger komen-komen ngga penting yang insensitive kaya “Wah, elo sekarang gemuk banget dibanding dulu!” Tapi kalo alesannya untuk bikin mantan “nyesel”, ko ya ngga penting banget hihihihihi!

So I told her, I don’t do the reunion diet, I don’t have yet the perfect outfit & I WILL bring my husband & daughter with me. Don’t hold your breath coz you ain’t gonna see me prancing around & flaunt ma booty at the reunion :p

“Bener juga sih... Elo mah ngga perlu diet kalo datengnya bawa suami yang ganteng & anak yang gemesin!”


So.... I'm actually fat but don't need a diet coz I'm bringing my "presentable" family? You soooo don't get my point here, girl! *tepok jidat*

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Are You Raising A Brat?

I found an interesting article today. “I can’t stand brats - and the parents who (don’t) raise them”. The minute I read that article, I instantly like the author. I kept telling Diane Clehane in my head “I feel you. I really do.”

I love babies but not so crazy about 3 yrs and above. But I do like them in a tolerable way. Unlike my husband who doesn’t like children but his own. But as much as I’m friendly to kids, I can be also be a mean witch. My child or others, if they’re being a brat & nice, calm words don’t work, I never hesitate to scold them. Most of the time it works & so far I never been “attacked” by their angry parents. But if they do, I would tell it straight to their faces & say “It’s your fault.”

Yes. I do believe that how your kids behave is how you teach & show them. As far as I can remember, I was never been a little brat because my parents didn’t raise me to be one. Sure, I was kinda spoiled & cried a lot :D But I never acted out in public. I had my mom who teach me how to behave & I had my dad who I respected *afraid of* :p He rarely raised his voice on me. Even when I accidentally broke the car door. He just walked to me, looked angry & snapped his finger to my ear. I didn’t feel a thing :D It was his presence alone which made me not wanting to be a little brat.

So yes, I was never the little girl who wailed in the toy store because my mom didn’t buy me what I wanted. I never screamed & ran around inside a mosque when people were praying. I never sat facing & staring at other people in the restaurant. In many ways my parents were probably spoiling me but in some ways they also taught me discipline, the right & the wrong. Now I think I grew up pretty nicely :D I guess that’s is exactly what I want to give to my daughter too.

I love my Kukka to death. If I had the power, I would give her absolutely anything she wants. With condition, IF it’s reasonable and it’s good for her. It’s been only 1.5 years, but I do think I’m a tough mom. A couple of times Kukka would cry for no reason at all but being spoiled. She threw things & hit me or the maid. I immediately took her to my room without saying a word, put her on the bed & let her cry out until she’s exhausted. During a pause I asked her “Are you done? If you are, you can play again outside & be a sweet girl.” Kukka acted out again & I let her be. I was able to ignore her hugs, her puppy-eyed look & funny blabber. I was being a mean mom :p I told her I didn’t want her. Not until she would stop crying & be a sweet girl again. And voila! She did. She walked to me & hugged me. No more crying :)

Some people would think that I’m being unreasonable. But I know my daughter. One thing I’ve learned about motherhood is never underestimate your child. Don’t think that she doesn’t understand what you’re saying because she does. She might act like she doesn’t but deep down she’s able to grasp the meaning of it.

I realize that we’re having a handful child here. She’s going to be a tough girl to handle. Many time my husband & I would talk about how Kukka’s going to be when she’s a teenager. We would sigh & be desperate for a second :p Like any other mothers, I have my worries. But lucky me I have a husband who shares the same belief in raising a child. So I’m pretty confident that with Allah’s guidance, my husband & family’s support, I can raise my daughter to be a beautiful little woman inside & out. Amin.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


No, this post is not about my new year’s resolution. Come to think of it, I never make any kind of resolution. It’s only January 5th 2010 but already big things are happening in my life.

This month we will be spending our last days in our little house in Emerald Townhouse AA-56. Because in Feb, we will be staying at my brother in law’s house in Kota Wisata for a couple of months. Cibubur... That should be an adventure :D After that, insya Allah when it's ready, we will move into our new lovely home at Emerald Garden. Can’t hardly wait for that!

What else? Oh yeah, we also bought a new car! It’s a family car and our first “brand new” car. I’m so excited! I already imagine driving it and taking Kukka for a spin. Well, actually it’s the driver who drives but it’s totally the same thing :p

Another big thing is my baby is getting bigger, obviously :) So big she refuses to be breastfed & pick a chocolate UHT milk instead :D So that’s one more big thing for me. I no longer breastfeed Kukka. It’s sad but to think that I had the privilege to give her ASI for 1.5 years, I could only be grateful :)

Kukka is way smarter than I thought. She picks things up like new words easily. I keep reminding my husband to watch his language around Kukka coz she could imitate the word just like that! I think it wouldn’t be long until the words that are coming out of her mouth have real meanings :D

As for my other half, he’s also doing great. He’s making cool & funny ads (another one will be on air on Jan 7th), he’s healthy & I do think he’s happy. I like the fact that he’s having fun at work. But why I love him even more is that he also love to spend time with his wife & daughter. Whenever he has the time, he chooses us. Well, actually he chooses to be with Kukka but since she & I are a package, that doesn’t give him any choice :p

Oh, my sister also plays a big part in making my 2010 fun :) She came to visit us all the way from Canada. I’m trying to spend lots of time with her since I’m no longer tied up with office hours. Yesterday we went to Sukabumi to visit our grandma. That was a fun road trip. I’m looking forward to spend more time with her until Jan 15th.

Only one thing that makes me sad tho. 2 days ago my dad was submitted to the hospital & he is still there. He’s doing great but still... It’s a heartbreaking sight to see him lying on the hospital bed. If he wasn’t sick, he would be in Senayan City or Pacific Place, enjoying life by eating plates of delicious sushi at Sushi Tei. I can only pray that he will be healthy again. Maybe Kukka & I should take him out for a lunch at Sushi Tei. He would love that. He always lights up when he sees Kukka.

It’s only Jan 5th but big things are happening as I speak. Alhamdulillah...