Friday, December 18, 2015

The One That Got Away

Remember when I told you about me reconnecting with the past? Well it’s happening again. Recently a certain person just confessed to me that I’m his “The One That Got Away” girl. He didn’t leave anything behind. From the way he was feeling the first time he met me until the day we had to say goodbye. I was stunned. But after that we talked. Total confession from both sides and it felt good. For both of us. 

As days past by another certain person “came back” into my life. I can’t remember how but we keep in touch ever since. We exchange a simple good morning or a nice good night, making fun of the past and setting dates when we will see each other again... And...yeah... Belated confessions and apologies are among the things we talk about. And yes, he too said that I’m his “The One That Got Away” girl. Geez! These guys have to go out more :)))) 

Anyways.... It feels good. Reconnecting with the past. Saying things that were left unsaid. Especially the “I’m sorry.” part from my side :D But I have to say it does scare me a little bit. Sometimes I’m thinking “Hey?! Why am I doing this? Is this necessary?”. And yes. It also creeps me out because it feels like I’m racing with time. It’s like I don’t want to wait to say I’m sorry until it’s too late. Too late as in... Well... You know. With my condition and all. I don’t have to spell it out here, right? :D So there you go, guys! To whom it may concern, please do accept my sincere apology :) (Man.. I sound like a total bitch here :)) )

As for the late confessions... Well... It did got me thinking... Is there such thing? What does it actually mean? Two persons. Love each other. Think that they belong together. But for some unfriendly cosmic reasons they are...not. So? I mean... If two persons are not together then... They are simply not meant to be... Well... Together. As simple as that. Right? 

Just because you have problems with your (current) spouse, it doesn’t have to mean that your (current) choice is wrong. And...that you should’ve been with someone else. Right? Or am I wrong? I mean... Especially if you DO love your other half. Problems will always be there. Health, love, money and others... It’s how you face them. With the problems. Do you want to deal with it or run away from it. I guess that’s the question. Or is it not? 

But then again... Who knows? What I do know is that from now on I want to enjoy my life more. And if it means that I should be making contacts with my past be it. Maybe it will do me some good. Besides that... Well... I just want to have fun with my family and most importantly with myself. So my brain can have a good time while it lasts. :p 

Okay here we go then! Let me start by singing this Katy Pery’s song outloud! Everybody!!! 1...2...3.... :))) 

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