Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dear Kukka: Peace!

Today we had an argument. Quite a big one. There were screaming, arguments, throwing things, slamming doors and tears. The reason? Oh nothing big! Just... Homework drama #LOL But seriously, it was quite dramatic. Your exact words to me were: “You’re mean! I don't like you! I don’t love you anymore!”. You also said “This is the worst place ever!” and then you slammed your bedroom door. Honestly I tried to hold my laugh quite hard when you said that. I don’t know why but the fact that you know that particular term and that you finally in *that* stage, makes me want to laugh. I thought I still have 10 years to prepare myself for it but nope. Not with you, baby :)) Apparently drama comes early if you have a smart and sensitive daughter. Actually I’m still smiling as I type. I still have the vivid image of your face and the way you said it. Sooo dramatic! It was like watching a typical mother vs daughter scene from a Hollywood teen movie :)))) 

But let’s be serious now. As you know by now, as much as your Bapa and Bubu love you to death, we don’t take any rude and inappropriate words or behaviors from you. For any kind of reasons. If you make a mistake, you admit it and you apologize. That’s it. If you have an argument, okay. Let’s hear it. But still in a civilized way. No cursing, no screaming, no throwing, no slamming doors whatsoever. If you couldn’t hold your tears, then do it. Cry. If you need some time to calm yourself down and be away from us for a while, fine. Yet still. If you’re the one who make the mistake, apologize. I would do the same. And if you want to say sorry, do it the right way. Choose the right moment, come close, pick the correct words and apologize. Not the way you did tonight. 

Yes, baby. I saw you when you were peeking behind my bedroom door while I was on the phone. And yes, I also saw the way you roughly erased the mistakes you’ve made on your homework. You were so rough, you almost teared up the paper. After that you wrote and pressed your pencil so hard, it was like you almost broke it. Yes. I noticed all those things you did. And the way you gave the paper to me? No way, young lady. There’s no chance I would take the paper from you if you gave it to me the way you did earlier. First, you threw it to me while I was watching tv. The paper fell on the floor. You picked it up and put it next to my computer while I was typing. I did nothing. Then you put the paper on the keyboard without saying anything. Which made me finish my writing, went to the kitchen and made coffee instead. And then you slowly approached me while I was sitting on the sofa. You put the paper on my lap. Again. Without saying anything. I continued to enjoy my coffee. The paper fell on the floor. There was silence. Finally after a couple of minutes, you picked up the homework paper, came closer to me and said “Bubu, is this okay?” Still, I didn’t say anything. Instead I looked you in the eyes. We started to look at each other’s eyes intensely in silence for... Oh I don’t know! A couple of seconds? A minute or two? It was like a staring contest :)) Then you started to sob and said softly “I don’t know what to say to you, Bubu...”. And finally with super teary eyes, you apologized. We started to talk. I told you my reasons for being so hard on you and at the end we finally hugged each other. And yeah... I had a couple of tears in my eyes too :p 

Long story short, at that moment I realized (again) that I have a stubborn... No. Let me rephrase that! I have a strong-willed/headstrong/strong-minded daughter. And I don’t know why but I’m proud of it :)) Why? Well I'm sure it can be useful one day. For you personally or even for us as a family. But baby, just make sure you use this particular trait of yours the right way, okay?!? Because if you don’t........... Oh, just remember that you have a father AND a mother who are just as “strong” as you, or even stronger and with more.......“experiences” :)) 

Ich liebe Dich, meine kleine Katze :*

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